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In the time that I’ve been writing, blogs have moved on from being a niche hobby that a few people enjoyed in their spare time, to being a major part of the PR and marketing portfolio of most businesses. Freelance blogging is becoming a big business in itself and a good blog writer can earn a lot of money doing what he or she loves. I consider myself a good blog writer. See if you agree by clicking on the link below and looking at the portfolio of blogs I’ve written. If you do and you want me to work for you then get in touch by emailing me on jamie@jamiewordsmith.co.uk.

Blogging Portfolio – 08-30-16



Travel and The Outdoors

Much like food, I like to research this topic whenever I can in my spare time. In fact I spent nearly a year recently travelling around the world and blogging together with my soon-to-be wife. It was a truly amazing experience and I would tell anyone to embrace any opportunity they get to do it.

The blog we produced, Writing Down a Dream, is probably my greatest achievement in travel writing, although I have written a range of paid blogs and magazine articles on the subject which are collected together in the portfolio below.

Travel Portfolio

I also used to blog about walks and eateries near where I live in a blog called Strolls and Snacks. This became a column in a local magazine.