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Local Heritage and Me

Heritage is what makes us who we are. It’s what gives warmth to the places that we live and depth to the lives that we lead. This is why I was enormously proud and excited to be appointed as the Heritage Marketing Officer for Barton-upon-Humber, my hometown, earlier this month.

welcome-to-bartonIn this role, I’ll be working with a great team at The Ropewalk and The Wilderspin School Museum with support from The Civic Society (Apologies for all the links, but the museums are really worth a visit). We’ll be taking a little look at the amazing history that has made the town of Barton what it is today and working to build up the cultural profile of what is in fact, a town with an enormously colourful heritage and a lot of cultural depth.

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Ramshackle Chic Company Tagline

Ramshackle Chic

Who could explain this project better than the lady who hired me to do it, Lesley Ford:

“I hired Jamie to come up with brand tag-lines/positioning statements for my online design & furniture store. I had a specific vision for my brand – difficult to articulate – more of a feeling – and Jamie immediately grasped where I was going, and helped me to identify and prioritize my messaging cues. He then delivered several viable concepts, which gave me the direction I needed to flesh out the messaging. Exactly what I was looking for.”

The project requirements and my work are laid out in the following pdf:




Sobananapenguin is a Hull based company with a fun name and a quirky approach to marketing. I like quirky, which is partly why I write for them and their clients.

My early articles for them include:

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Creativity is what we sell

My name is Jamie Smith and I’m addicted to creative copywriting.

I can’t help but be drawn to copywriting despite maxresdefaultmy ongoing studies for an MA in Journalism. Creativity is at the centre of what we sell when all is said and done , our products can be as exciting for the producer (me) as for the customer. So, a complete change of career path seems to be under way … hmmm.

Recently when I was writing for an Australian lady who is in the process of setting up a cool, bohemian homewares business called Ramshackle Chic I was reminded just how much fun it could be to run a brief through the machinery of my mind and come out with something entirely new. A long time travelling the world, lazing around Asia and discovering the wonder of down under, has meant that I haven’t enjoyed that process in a while. I’m really coming to love getting a feel for each topic and coming up with works that are both captivating and innovative again though.