Ramshackle Chic – Brand Identity and Tagline Project

In early 2016 I was asked to come up with a tagline and some messaging concepts for Ramshackle Chic.

This is a piece of work that I am especially proud of, partly thanks to the positive and descriptive client feedback I received:

“I hired Jamie to come up with brand taglines/positioning statements for my online design & furniture store. I had a specific vision for my brand – difficult to articulate – more of a feeling – and Jamie immediately grasped where I was going, and helped me to identify and prioritise my messaging cues. He then delivered several viable concepts, which gave me the direction I needed to flesh out the messaging. Exactly what I was looking for.” – Lesley Ford – Ramshackle Chic MD

Here is the project brief and the final shortlist of tag lines with the chosen one outlined.Ramshackle Chic 1.jpgRamshackle Chic 2.jpg

The new website isn’t online yet, but anyone who is interested can go to the existing one for more information.


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