Some Thoughts on Path-finding as a Writer

Any client focused freelancers or money hungry writers out there may find that, like me, your work is often defined by those you work for. Some may try to fight it as I did, but I’m here to say that sometimes it’s worth just following the path as it is laid out before you. You may even learn about yourself on the way.

My experience

Maybe you’ll empathise with P8271904.JPGme when I say that I don’t have a particular niche or specialism beyond copywriting and I enjoy keeping my options open. However, in the hunt for jobs that reward me with money as well as that warm feeling of a good job well done, I’ve found myself drawn into the business of business. More specifically I’ve found myself drawn into the business of writing for business, whether that be profiling businesses for investment or promo-writing for CEO interviews.

The thing is that it all happened very naturally. I didn’t try to force it. In fact it happened while I was trying to orient myself more toward the spheres of travel and high finance. After some thought I’ve decided that there is a lesson to be learned here about how we develop as writers.

It’s the same as with most careers. Sometimes you find yourself pushed in a direction you don’t want to go for one reason or another and you need to push against the force. On the other hand, sometimes you want to push yourself in a direction but eventually find that it feels best to just go with the flow.

In conclusion, getting to know yourself as a writer is an adventure, just like getting to know any aspect of yourself. Sometimes you travel in the right direction and the going is easy, but sometimes you get it wrong and the going is hard. The mistakes are worthwhile because this is when the lessons are learned. After learning these lessons one will be able to navigate better. I feel I’m getting far too philosophical so I will end here.


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